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ISSUE 5 | QUARTER 4 | 2019

Morgan Zegers

Y.A.A.S. Queen!

Charlotte Varnes

Millennials vs

Gen Z

“As 2020 looms nearer, so does one of the first elections gen z-ers will be able to vote in. Although there is not exact data on what percentage of the generation is Republican v. Democrat, there are some clear differences between how gen-z and millennials view political issues." 


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Karl Marx: enemy of the people

Morgan Z 2.jpg
Marissa Streit 

"Everyone is talking so much about self-care that we forget the greatest happiness we can have is to help others in loving our country and loving our families."


EXPRESSIONS: Where do you align politically and why? 


MZ:  I am fiscally conservative, patriotic and I support our troops. As far as social issues go I want everyone to live their lives freely. Our generation is starting to become the new conservative in that we want social issues to be more free-formed. When I was growing up I never saw an opposing view as wrong just as a different perspective. Other people thought helping people meant by the government and I thought it was by working harder for your family, the American Dream. I once heard that “people don’t want a polished politician they want an authentic one.” Well, I think that is part of the rebranding of conservatism. Authenticity within politics, that’s what is important and what people want."

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the young feminist

Let's Call it a knight: a look at chivalry today 

Ryan Fournier

Man of the


"A typical day for me is waking up really early. Checking to see what the buzz is. Usually I wake up to quite a few emails from different groups or different press streams, where either it is going to be a pretty good news day or something happened and now we are handling a crisis. In  the morning about 30 minutes after I wake up. I will sit there for a while and just catch up on the news feed. Then I move on to Social Media.  So all within about 30 minutes I’m catching up on Social Media, catching up on my emails which have the stories of the day ,what is going on in the morning, stuff that is going on in the war room. Then go and eat Frosted Flakes. Frosted Flakes are my favorite. With some milk, some regular milk, none of that like almond milk or anything I can’t do that."

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