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“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” I’m not entirely sure where the phrase originated from, but the first time I heard it was in NBC’s The Office: “Phyllis’ Wedding” and then it was made popular by the 2008 romantic comedy 27 Dresses. The premise of both the phrase and the film is that some women find themselves being a bridesmaid multiple times, and yet never the bride. Well, it can happen to men too."



EXPRESSIONS:  This year at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit you talked a bit about being a “girl boss” and that true female empowerment is not diluting it down to girl boss but just - boss. Can you elaborate on that?


MS: I believe that we are all equal. We should celebrate all equal opportunities and achievement. If we are going celebrate #girlboss what about #manboss? At the end of the day when I’m doing my job do you think my gender changes the matter of views we have on a video. No that doesn’t affect it. Being a woman is not being a victim anyway. Don’t use my sex to celebrate my achievement just celebrate my achievement. Just say I’m a boss.

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" I grew up in a conservative family but I didn’t really follow politics until this past election I finally started listening. The mainstream media has this way of letting us know that they will let us know what is happening in politics and they keep us all in the dark on purpose. That changed for me in 2016."