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Expressions Magazine offers readers a conservative approach to lifestyle, beauty, fashion, health, and, most importantly, politics. We use our voice to promote inclusivity and show the world that women of all political ideologies are welcome in the lifestyle magazine industry.



Laci Williams 


Laci Williams is a 20 year old political science student at the University of Colorado Denver. She is the current treasurer of her school's Turning Point USA chapter and is also involved in PragerFORCE. Laci is obsessed with the intersection of lifestyle and politics. She is a drag racer, golfer, and dog mom to her Yorkie, Nitro. By 2020, she hopes to move to Arizona and take up an administrative position with Turning Point USA, but only time will tell.


Our Team

Jenee Cruise

Content Director

Jenee is a 21 year old college student from Bakersfield, CA. She is studying to be a nurse, but that doesn't prevent her from having a passion for politics. She loves God and America (in that order) and is involved in PragerFORCE. Jenee was also a competitive cheerleader for 10 years and still enjoys tumbling and fitness. Her goal is to travel to as many different places as she can throughout her life. She'd like to visit all 50 states, as well as many foreign countries. No matter where she travels, she will always be grateful to call America home.


Sarah Clark

Beauty Director

Sarah Clark is a sophomore at Utah Valley University, where she studies political science with an emphasis in American government. She is the current Turning Point USA chapter president on UVU's campus. She is also involved in PragerFORCE. Sarah has also been working as a hairstylist for 4 years. She loves cutting coloring and styling hair - “There’s just something about a fresh clean cut!" In her free time she enjoys reading, gathering information, shopping, writing, and continuing learning every single day. Her goals for the future are to go to law school and then, of course, become the president of the United States.


Nikki Halsted

Social Media Director

Nikki Halsted is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. She is Social Media Coordinator for Expressions, as well as a lifestyle and pop culture contributor. She is a student at Delta State University, currently finishing her Bachelors of Science in Globalization Studies with minors in history and political science. She also holds a degree in social science education. She is a syndicated writer for Thought Catalog and The Odyssey, with syndications from YourTango.

She is a conservative libertarian and political junkie with a knack for astrology and metaphysics. Her ultimate career visions are to publish books, be a political commentator and writer, and be a leading voice for education reform, school choice, and school safety.


Maddison Meeks

Outreach Director

Maddison Meeks is an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, double majoring in political science and philosophy. She is an avid supporter of the Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments. When she isn’t debating politics or writing and editing articles, you can find her hanging out with her dog, Sawyer.

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