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Ben Shapiro to Host New Fox News Election Special

Article by Maddison Meeks

Ben Shapiro, the political pundit most known for founding The Daily Wire and his daily podcast The Ben Shapiro Show, will be joining the Fox News family on a new show this election season. The Ben Shapiro Election Special was announced Wednesday, September 17. The Election Special will be aired starting September 23, and will run for four consecutive weeks from 8pm to 9pm EST on Sundays.

In his special, Shapiro will host a panel of guests to talk about the major political happenings during the week leading up to the episode and how these events will play a role in the 2018 midterm elections.

Viewers will be able to watch Shapiro on a new platform, but his witty commentary will still be at the center of the conversations. He will bring a new perspective to the Fox News cast, and who knows, maybe he’ll end up gaining a permanent role.

“I am honored to partner with Fox News where we can provide in-depth analysis on the voting trends that will be leading the polls this November,” Shapiro stated.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday and tweet @Express_conserv with what you think!

Cover photo courtesy of Politico

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