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Get Inspired: How-to Make Your Own Christmas Centerpiece

By Lana Stuckel

Need a little inspiration this holiday? Look no further! This fun centerpiece will have you reminiscing about your favorite Christmas classic and feeling like a kid again. Add a little whimsy Christmas spirit to your home in three easy steps and create a centerpiece you can enjoy all season long. Don’t worry everything you need can be found at your local craft store or online.


One small artificial or live christmas tree

Assorted ornaments of varying sizes, colors and textures (don’t forget a large one for the top)

Aluminum wire in the color of your choice

One spool of golden Bullion wire

ire cutters

Step One: Wrap it up! Take your spool of Bullion wire and starting at the bottom, wrap the tree all the way up, tying the wire to itself at the top. Don’t be shy! Give that tree a good wrapping! The weight of the ornaments will naturally bend a live tree but an artificial tree will need to be bent into shape. Go on, don’t be afraid to use those muscles!

Step Two: Give it a swirl! Taking pieces of aluminum wire, bend the aluminum wire into fun swirls leaving a straight piece on one end. Depending on the size of your tree, you will need several swirls so channel that inner Who and go crazy!

Step Three: Dec it out! Now, it is time to add your ornaments and swirls! Make sure to save your largest ornaments for the top to give your tree the shape you desire. Now, stand back and enjoy your creation!

Congratulations! You have created a centerpiece that will leave you overjoyed and under-budget. This piece can be placed anywhere and is ideal for those who don’t have room for a large tree. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the compliments!

Photos Courtesy of Lana Stuckel

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