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RIP to the Original Naked Palette

Article by Emily Strangfeld

The announcement to discontinue the iconic and loved original “Naked” palette by Urban Decay cosmetics on August 23 was a sad day for all the beauty junkies. Some beauty influencers such as Kandee Johnson, Christen Dominique, Katy DeGroot, Shayla Mitchell and Chrisspy have come together to have an actual Naked Palette funeral.

The “Naked” eyeshadows have always been one of the most known and used palettes, and now everyone wants their hands on them. But if you still want to get your hands on all these natural colors, or at least something similar, here are some dupes.

Photo courtesy of Revolution Beauty London

Photo courtesy of CoverGirl

Photo courtesy of WalMart

Photo courtesy of Sephora

Photo courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

Cover image courtesy of Urban Decay

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