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Stars Over America

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Article by Nikki Halsted

September Political Forecast

September’s forecast — there’s good news, but there’s also some bad news.


Virgo season begins August 23 and brings energies best for organizing, planning, and preparing for the midterm elections approaching in November. The stars are in working progress to align us with our highest collective good. With that in mind some celestial placements might suggest some hardship, tragedy, and an impactful event which will grease our gears allowing us to pay better attention to details around us.

On a political scale, the stars may potentially shake things up — especially in areas pertaining to information and technology. Virgo energy is a great time to be investigative, communicative, and cautious in each endeavor. Expect certain areas of controversy and scandal to reveal plot twists or hidden truths— also noting it will come gradually.

If not September, then expect certain events which set the stage for a wide scale disaster later on — perhaps from public dialogue being misconstrued on both sides, escalating tension.

As midterms are quickly approaching, two things are brought into speculation. On one hand, September and months moving forward are bound to bring more economic growth — therefore awarding points to Trump’s administration. On the other hand, the stars might send a surprise, perhaps a tragedy, to grab the public’s attention.

Heed warning, however. Any tragedy or mishap is a devil in disguise. Karmic lessons are coming back. Perhaps if nothing else tragic happens, then September’s forecast will precipitate from the previous tragedies which occurred in late July and mid-August, urging us to take a new and more practical approach to issues pertaining to public dialogue and strategizing for midterm elections.

The public must be cautious of the misinformation and propaganda from both sides. The ultimate lesson for September comes down to two paths of action — use tragedies as a vehicle for election propaganda, or dig deeper into details and establish a balanced perspective on a sensible, effective solution which can provide harmony to both sides.

For more specific details based on planetary aspects for the month of September, continue reading below.

Planetary aspects:

Retrograde and eclipse season has been the hangover and cleaning house after the New Year’s Eve blowout. Since June and July, six planets went retrograde — to include Mars going direct its biannual retrograde. Retrograde periods indicate slower movement and mishaps, and surely everyone has gotten a taste or two of this. However, both are finally ending towards mid-September and the months moving forward.

The eclipse cycles are finishing in Leo and Aquarius — which have been an enlightening time where we also saw the Great American Solar Eclipse back in 2017. August 11th was the solar return with the last solar eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius cycle, which has significant implications individually and collectively. Eclipse energies can last for days — perhaps weeks — before and after an eclipse, especially when it occurs in Leo (the sign ruled by the sun).

Uranus transit in Taurus is working its magic for the economy whereas it provokes chaos in areas that need humanitarian attention — i.e. borders/immigration, abortion, gun violence, etc. September puts emphasis on service and practicality — in addition to balance and compassion. The last time this placement occurred was in 1859, two years before the American Civil War. How we act now is stirring the pot and creating a recipe for productivity or disaster, but a harmonious flow of Mercurian and Venusian energies present this month can be used to settle tensions among conflicting parties.

Saturn opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury and an Earth Grand Trine suggests progress in the areas of economy and national security. In mid-August, the Mollie Tibbetts case sparked an immigration debate — illegal immigration being one of the largest political issues for the 2018 Midterm elections.

Earth trine also suggests a period of stagnation where improvement on issues are not seen. Heavy Mercury influence during the month of September creates an atmosphere for communication, information, media, and settling disputes.

Mercury trines Uranus in Taurus — which are conditions for a story to go viral on the Internet especially when it pertains to a specific issue. Taurus rules security, physical environment, and finances. Whereas Mercury rules communication and technology while Uranus rules humanitarianism, innovation, and even has its influence over technology.

Mercury also trines Saturn — which indicates a stronger presence of activism and an effort to push agendas on both side. Put two and two together then notice how the hardships experienced are part of a larger karmic cycle.

Mercury conjoins fixed star Regulas — indicating secrecy, scandals, and residue from the Mercury retrograde energy is leading the path for Karma to do her business.

America’s Pluto return is from 2008-2024. Virgo and Libra seasons in the month of September is beautiful energy for constructive debates and establishing a sense of unity. Pluto affects power structures and the darker temptations of human nature.

Also, is it a coincidence 2008 was the year Obama took his first year in office and we’ve seen previous power structures seeing cripples in its foundation? (Note: This isn’t to blame Obama…… it was just a significant time marker for when we’ve started observing drastic changes in political power structures in the U.S.)

The last time this placement occurred was in 1778 — two years after Americans declared their independence from the British. Is it a coincidence our current situation is a hybrid of civil war tensions and a period of wide scale enlightenment? Nope, the stars are just that predictable.

Saturn returns to its home sign Capricorn. Saturn rules karma, responsibility, and discipline. With Uranus in Taurus, breaking a negative karmic cycle (such as dividing ourselves and acting irrationally) will have significantly positive returns. However, the Pluto return creates more potent karmic energy if situations are not dealt with practically. (Pluto also goes direct in Capricorn.)

Sun opposes Neptune. The beginning of September may be confusing and even lacking clarity. Often, an event with a transformative experience which induces self-revelations. Often with Neptune, we see a wide scale event or news which strips the ego and open minds.

Long story short... This is a great time to get our lives together.

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Callie Rowe
Sep 22, 2018

The reason more chaos occurs in Sept/Oct (the time of the last unfulfilled Jewish holidays-Jewish New Year & time of annual repentance) is that this is the season Jesus is coming back. Of course we don’t know the exact time/day or year (Matt. 24:36), but according to Scripture we can know the season and signs leading up to it! This also means that Satan knows the season, because he knows the Scriptures (but distorts them), therefore he causes more hate and evil incidents around this time of year, always thinking it’s his last chance to bring others down with him.

Look to your CREATOR (God) for the answers and stop looking to mere CREATION (stars). There are more answers in…

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