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What will we remember from the Kavanaugh Hearing?

Article by Beth Walker

There were several moments during Kavanaugh vs. Ford hearing that were unbelievable, heart wrenching, and utterly despicable. However, alongside these, there were moments where we once again realized the magnitude of those who stand up to defend the best our nation has to offer.

Here are ten of the most important and pivotal quotes of the Kavanaugh hearing:

1. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, states, “Boy, y’all want power. God, I hope you don’t get it.” in reference to the members of the Democratic party after alluding to their rumored intentional sabotage of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.

2. “I don’t question that Dr. Ford was sexually assaulted at some time and at some place, but it was not me,” said Kavanaugh.

3. “I’m — I’m sorry, judge, for what you and your family have been through. And I’m sorry for what Dr. Ford and her family have been through. It could have been avoided. Do you believe in God?” said Senator John Kennedy, of Louisiana, before asking for a final answer on whether or not Ford’s allegations were true.

4. “So, bipartisan investigators could have investigated this two months ago and it could have been heard in a confidential setting without Dr. Ford’s name or Judge Kavanaugh’s name being dragged through the mud. Is that correct?” Senator Ted Cruz, of Texas, in reference to the leaking of Ford’s letter to Senator Feinstein.

5. “You have both seen your good names dragged through the mud. And this has been sadly one of the most shameful chapters in the history of the United States Senate. Let me say to you and your family, thank you for a lifetime of public service.” Senator Cruz said to Kavanaugh during his five minute questioning period.

6. “Well, it was — I — I’m telling you, it was not — I did not. I mean, I was asked to keep it confidential, and — and I’m criticized for that too.” Senator Feinstein from California comments on being questioned about leaking Ford’s letter.

Note: This is still being speculated, but her holding the information back had consequences and created question about the truth of the allegation.

7. “Sixty-five women, who knew me more than 35 years ago, signed a letter to support me after the allegation was made because they know me, and they were with me, and we grew up together, we talked on the phone together and we went to events together. That is who I am.” said Kavanaugh attesting to his friendships with the women who stood up for Kavanaugh when the sexual assault allegations first started.

8. “And I would just urge my colleagues to recognize that, in the end, we are 21 very imperfect senators trying to do our best to provide advice and consent. And in the end, there is likely to be as much doubt as certainty going out of this room today.” Senator Flake of Arizona remarks on the confusion and the uncertainties that have sprung up due to the allegations.

9. Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina remarks, Judge Kavanaugh, I also have to say I believe you’re a part of — you’re — you’re the first major target of a new strategy that’s developed here. And I think you’re right. I think it’s just basically attack, attack, attack. It’s not advise and consent; it’s search and destroy.” Tillis was addressing the strategy believed that the left is employing of destroying peoples’ reputations so that they can take control.

10. “If you wanted a FBI investigation, you could have come to us. What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020. You’ve said that, not me. You’ve got nothing to apologize for. When you see Sotomayor and Kagan, tell them that Lindsey said hello because I voted for them. I would never do to them what you’ve done to this guy. This is the most unethical sham since I’ve seen in politics. And if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn’t have done what you’ve done to this guy. Boom. Mic Drop. Senator Graham not only took a stand in defending Kavanaugh, but also defended the principles of what the Senate confirmation should be about. He pointed at the importance of bipartisanship when referencing two left leaning Supreme Court Justices.

Cover image courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

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