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Benefit Cosmetics Goes Ultra Feminist

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Article by Emmy Strangfeld

On August 1, Benefit Cosmetics teamed up with “That Lady Thing” to educate women about female empowerment and the struggles today’s women face. “That Lady Thing” is located in San Francisco, California and describe themselves as a “a pop-up installation, born in San Francisco, raised on social media. We like strong voices, stronger cocktails, smart conversation, and smart style. We are feminists with a fun streak and creatives with a conscience.” Their mission is to raise awareness and funds through creative activities and experiences. The monetary donations go to the National Women’s Law Center.

As you look through the photos, you will notice a trending pattern of modern third-wave feminism being portrayed more than discussing women’s issues. If reaching a general audience of women, rather than solely those who champion modern feminism, they have done a poor job by first championing the Women’s March. The parade of vagina hats and celebrities wanting ten seconds of fame to be replayed over and over again on YouTube by other adoring feminists. The same women who tell us “to vote with our vaginas rather than our brains.”

Also, notice the names of the drinks served for this “educating” experience. The names “Consensual Sex on the Beach;” “French 75 cents on the Dollar;” “Bold Fashioned;” and “Nasty Mujer.” These were all inspired by issues they believe we need to focus on rather than discussing the upward mobility recently achieved by women through their success in fields previously dominated by men. Women can start empowering themselves and stop playing victim given our right to carry and take action to defend ourselves.

Don’t forget to discuss objectification with your “Consensual Sex on the Beach.” Once you’re done discussing it you have the chance to actually take part in it by laying in a pit of balls made to look like other women’s chests. Objectification is defined as the action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object. But, isn’t that what you just did by recreating a bunch of them with balls?

Clearly, this isn’t surprising to us conservative women. Many cosmetics companies have been coming out in support of liberal and left-leaning policies, leaving us to choose between the company which supports Planned Parenthood or the company which supports illegal immigration. Hopefully, someone will step forward with a brand and a vision for us: conservative women.

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